Sunday, October 31, 2010

"May the Force Be with You" - Halloween Post Part 1

I love Halloween! It is my FAVORITE HOLIDAY of the year!!!

I normally plan for Halloween, came as Betty Boop last year (see photo below), Jessica Rabbit another year, and a vampire too (lame vampire). This year, I was SUPPOSEDLY going as Wonderwoman - even had my fave designer/friend, John Paras, think of a design already - paid down payment then changed my mind 'cause I thought my clique and I were going as Angels (we - the little devils - found it hilarious to dress up as angels!). Then we could not find angel wings! So I was left with NO CLUE on what to be this year the day before the big Halloween Ball of Members Only (freak-out!)!

Betty Boopy! Hair and Make-up by Lourd Ramos!
Was wearing a wig haha but he styled it...
Btw he is opening his own salon soon! STAY TUNED!

So I just looked at my closet and found a beautiful dressy skirt by Sassa Jimenez and thought – maybe I can be a prom princess… Our theme in Members Only was GLEE-INSPIRED… PERFECT!

I love the invite!

Then Theresa Leung (T) found a costume in Monica Araneta’s place… 

Padme Amidala of Naboo!!!

I didn't have the gun :( It would have been perfect if I had weapons too! But I must say, my costume was a WINNER! (Hehe)

Other cute costumes I saw - really liked Rosario Herrera's Captain America costume! And I saw a Michael Jackson and Madonna couple! Super cute! (I wonder what Tim Yap wore last night?! He has THE BEST costumes every Halloween!)

May the force be with you!

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