Monday, November 1, 2010

Old Friends

A song by Everything But The Girl ...

Old Friends by EBTG

Music makes me (re)discover my own emotional depth. I think it is important to be aware of what we feel, and to master our emotions. Not the other way around. And when we are aware, we allow our feelings to guide us and not confuse us. It makes us sure.

Last part of the song:

‎"Not for the first time I look back 
on my first love 
Unable to speak or think or move 
hand in glove 
But what of it now and where is he 
He who once meant so much to me
Because we are not, I can't pretend
now old friends

I was told love should hold old friends
I was told love should hold od friends
But when you leave you will close the door
behind you
Don't we always
And time won't make amends
to old friends"

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