Sunday, October 17, 2010

Girls Night Out = Always the Most Dangerous PART 1 at El Cirkulo

Venue: El Cirkulo, Spanish Restaurant on Pasay Road

A few Fridays ago, my girlfriends and I decided to bring our friend, Tisha Ang, to REPUBLIQ for her (forced) bachelorette. It was her FIRST TIME to check out the club, single... Before getting married (She's getting married civilly this weekend, and her Church wedding is in December in MACAU! Woohoo!)(Congratulations again, Tisha!)

Our night started in El Cirkulo... One of the best restaurants in the Philippines! MUST TRYs - Pork Belly, Bone Marrow, Paella, Octopus, EVERYTHING! This place has been around for OVER A DECADE, they must be doing something right! (Thank you, Malou and Jay Gamboa for letting us have El Cirkulo as a dining option in Manila!)

Tisha, Mons and I were in El Cirkulo first, waiting for T to get there (she came from Libis area, and traffic was really, really bad). We ordered - Paella Marinera, Octopus, Bone Marrow (Photo below), Salmon Dish, and... I know I am forgetting something here... Oh, Sangria! And eel! Yes, the eel so YUMMY! Even the bread... Delish!

Cheers.. Starting with some white wine...
Yummy, yummy bone marrow... (Heart attack!) - I didn't have any though...

Monica Araneta - Playing with Nostalgia Function (Watch out for the Solos..)
More Nostalgia...
On my Blackberry (as usual) with the Bachelorette, Tisha Ang


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