Monday, October 11, 2010

More on my word... LEARN

i was one of those nerds in school. Running joke in my HS group of friends: Si Jenny lang yung nasa advanced-math at siya lang yung pumapasa! 

And I did that while partying... Even back in High School, I was already partying. But despite that, I always told myself - Party all you want, but bring home awesome grades. 

I've always felt that I needed to excel in school. My father used to tell me that education was the most important gift he could ever give me. He never pressured me in any other aspect of my life except in school. He told me to make sure that whatever happens, I should do well in school. 

So in school, I excelled. And in school, I first got a glimpse of what learning is all about.

Growing up, I was also told that I could NEVER be athletic. My left side is noticeably longer than my right side. I'm almost flat-footed too. And I did bump my head and injured myself quite often as a kid. But, I never listened and never let my 'deficiencies' stop me from doing sports. Eventually, by grade 5, I was in the swimming varsity team. High school, I was in the soccer varsity team. College, I ran my first 5KM. After college, I ran my first 21KM...

Working on completing a 42KM marathon... soon. Before I hit 30. Iron Man? Maybe. I am open to it.

From that experience, I learned that what other people say isn't always true. And just because other people say YOU CAN NOT, does not mean you really can't. You should know to gauge what you can or cannot for yourself. 

Learning also never stops. Just because we are done with school does not mean learning ends. Learning is a process. We learn, unlearn, and learn again. As mentioned earlier, my father felt that the most important gift he could ever give me was education. He was wrong. The most important gift I have ever received from him - and from everyone else who mean/meant something to me - is experience.

You live. You learn.

I am a student of life. I feel most alive learning from my experiences with people. If there's a reason why I take on so much work, then that reason must be because I am eager to learn more. If there's a reason why I am open to people, then it must be because I wish to learn from their experiences. And I wish to know how they are. Cultures, traditions, religions, stories... I find all quite interesting.

Pain and loss are two great teachers. Both I've grown accustomed to. It's true what they say - What does not kill you will only make you stronger. Painful experiences in my life, and losses, have made me the person that I am today. When I learned to empower myself to lead my life and stick to what is positive, I was able to tune in to everything that is good. 

Grateful for learning...

LEARN. That is my word.

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