Monday, October 4, 2010

(One of) My Fave John Mayer Songs...

Still a bit high from the John Mayer concert... I feel compelled to write about one of my fave John Mayer songs - My Stupid Mouth!

With music, there are different reasons why people like a certain artist/genre...

Some go for the sound... While others go for the looks of the artist and are fans because he/she looks good (Hello, Boy Bands!)... And others, like me, go for the lyrics...

In any song that I love/obsess over, the words are the first to catch my ear. Each song in my Ipod's top 25 probably has a memory attached to it. And for a memory to be attached to it, the words must mean something to me. After catching my ear, it catches my heart... And it stays there! Just like every other thing/person/passion that catches my heart.

Anyway, going back to the song My Stupid Mouth... I probably first heard this song at age 19-20. Ahhhh, the age of insecurity and uncertainty! Back then, there was nothing much to think about but:

1. Friends
2. Boys
3. What friends and boys thought

Okay fine... school is #4... Clothes and shopping #5...

My Stupid Mouth brings us inside a guy's head and what goes on in it after saying something dumb while on a date. The song describes the awkwardness, and how it translates to unnecessary actions (Rolling tiny bits of napkin paper // I play a quick game of chess with the salt and pepper shaker...) Something I could totally relate to back then...

I was actually pretty awkward in dates, and I did have the occasional diarrhea of the mouth... I still do have that occasional diarrhea of the mouth come to think of it (old habits die hard!)... Hence, I don't really do dates haha! I prefer what I call "hanging-out." It's more real and natural that way. At least for me. Not to say that it's not real/natural to date, most people prefer that. But not me. (Ay... Hopeless! HAHAHA)

I'm pretty sure all of us - at some point - felt this awkwardness too. I mean, is there any person who really enters a date thinking "i'm so gwaps and perfect"? Chances are... no. Unless we are going on a date with someone we don't really like/care about... But with age and experience, we learn what we like, and what works for us. Dating is not really for everyone. And that's not exactly a bad thing.

These lines from the song totally explains it for me:

Oh, the way she feels about me has changed
Thanks for playing, try again.
How could I forget?
Mama said "think before speaking"
No filter in my head
Oh, what's a boy to do
I guess he better find one

Even now - as I write this - I am not really filtering anything... I write as I feel. I talk as I feel too. Sometimes I think too fast that I get bulol (choke on my words...). And this lack of filter opens me up to criticism... But what to do. This is me.

Check out the video, and listen to the words! :)

My Stupid Mouth Video

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