Sunday, October 17, 2010

25 Random Things About Me...

This was something I wrote almost 2 years ago... 

I read it again... everything still holds true, except i'm not so much of a diet freak anymore!

1. For the record, my last name is spelled like this: Y-R-A-S-U-E-G-U-I. It is pronounced like this: EE-RA-SE-GI. It is of the BASQUE ORIGIN... not Japanese... not Persian... BASQUE.

2. When my mom gave birth to 
me, the doctors found that the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck. In fact, I was already blue! But obviously, I survived it.

3. I have a mole at the nape of my neck that I am conscious 
about. I don't see it, but I know it's there. When I am stressed, I have a habit of checking if the mole is still there. Weird, I know...

4. But aside from my mole, I am not really self-conscious. I can walk around the mall after a long run, sweaty and all, and not worry
about who I might bump into... I'm one of those with the 'Who cares?' attitude...

5. I am a diet and fitness freak. You can ask 
me anything about carbs, fat, protein, running shoes, training methods, etc, and I will probably have an answer to your question! (I did subscribe to SHAPE mag at one point in my life...)

6. I am the middle child in my family. And that explains a lot 
about my personality. Read up on birth order.

7. I believe in karma. You reap what you sow. It is the simple law of 'cause and effect.'

8. Running is my current sport. My goal is to finish a full marathon (42KM) by the time I hit 30.

9. I hope to run full marathons in different cities around the world.

10. I am passionate 
about my work and friendships. In turn, I have been extremely blessed in both aspects of my life.

11. As much as I love make-up, dresses and shoes, I do not know how to cut my own nails, fix my own hair, and shape my own eyebrows. Which explains why I visit the salon at least twice a week!

12. I am extremely attracted to people who are funny, positive and REAL.

13. Believe it or not, I was a major nerd. My friends from Assumption know this 
about me (Yes, I went to an all-girls Catholic school).

14. I love music, more specifically rock, but I can listen to anything. I usually attach songs to people or memories, and allow lyrics to move 

15. I learned a lot 
about life and relationships by reading Shel Silverstein books.

16. Like Serena Van Der Woodsen, I choose to see what is good in people.

17. And what 
about the 'bad ones?' They are not really 'bad,' they are just broken...

18. Hence, I have my 'back-up': my best friends who help 
me see the bigger picture! (You guys know who you are!)
** Theresa Leung is my all-around shrink... And when that fails, Monica Araneta is my drinking partner! So are the following: Chiqui Okol, Michelle Pamintuan, Nicole Whisenhunt, Claudine de Leon, Jessica Yenko, Mia Pineda, Patricia Ang, Cecile Dominguez...

19. In situations where I have to defend myself, between 'Fight' or 'Flight,' I choose 'Fight!' Except when it comes to relationships...
** Special mention to Gianna Kessler who taught 
me how to be 'confrontational'

20. The thought of ice cream still makes 
me happy! But nowadays, I settle for yogurt.

21. I am a horrible dancer! I know that, but I still dance anyway.
** Ian Sermonia did say that when we dance, no one is really watching us, so we should just have fun! Good one, Ian!

22. I CHOOSE not to be a 'hater.' Life is too short to focus on what wrong 
things other people do to us. If they are bad to you, then quit hanging with them. There are so many other good people out there.

23. I am the Gossip Girl and Drama Magnet... Believe 
me, I don't care to know about the gossips and the dramas, but for some reason, they just fall on my lap!

24. I can't really say that I am religious just yet, but I am very spiritual.

25. And last but not least: I believe, and will only settle for, a love that is life changing.... 

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