Sunday, October 24, 2010

My (Almost) Blurry-Free Birthday Week

I just turned 28 last Tuesday, October 19...

I normally celebrate a whole week, sometimes even longer... My Birthday Celebrations are like Indian Wedding Celebrations.

Last year, I celebrated 3 times... I think! Monday - for my actual birthday in Su Casa... Friday for my SUPAHVILLAINS SUPAHPARTY (I came as the devil, see photo below)... and Wednesday... I'm forgetting where, but I am almost 100% sure that it was also in Members Only.

And - not really proud saying this, just stating a fact - all my birthday celebrations since maybe my 19th birthday party have been blurry... 19-25 probably full black-outs... 26 and 27... not really full black-outs anymore (at least I remember how i got home...) but still with some gaps.

I had a blast in each and every one of them, at the very least... If I could do them all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. We go through what we do because we have to. I don't know if that just made any sense, but anyway... I'm a firm believer that in life, we must have no regrets - black-outs and everything that comes with it.

BUT.... 28 is like a milestone year for me... Am I just going to keep on doing what I have kept on doing for almost a decade - party-wise?  Not that it's not fun anymore - it will always be fun. Even if most of the time, I am with the same people anyway. In my line of work, I meet all sorts of people, become close to all sorts of groups, but after awhile, people move on, and maybe from having a dozen new friends, you only end up really close to one or two of them... Those who have common interests with you and CHOOSE to have open lines of communication with you.

28 was the first year I celebrated with the people who I know really, really, really cared for me... And if those people who really, really, really cared for me couldn't be there, they made sure to tell me that they cared.

I'm not the super-sentimental type... except maybe with boys haha (at least I am honest)... But my birthday week always makes me feel a little sentimental. I look back, and I see how far i've gone... And sometimes I still shock myself that I am where I am now. I still have a long way to go, and I know with life, we really don't know what's going to happen next, but I also know, that it's important to be GRATEFUL for everything.

So, yes... this year was ALMOST blurry-free... my HS Reunion last Saturday was what broke the blurry-free streak! HAHA! more on that in the next post!

I've always been grateful for the friends that I have... They are FAMILY to me... So thank you, friends... You guys know who you are! :)


PS - Special Mention to THERESA LEUNG who stayed with FUNTASTIC FOUR til the end despite being sick and sober... I love you!

And Monica Araneta - Thanks for always having me as a boarder! HAHA!

Jessica Yenko - my flatmate and almost sister!