Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Gosh... Haven't had time to update :(

Sad about that... but I must say, been looking forward to writing... I have a few topics lined up, I just need to get organized..

And waiting for my camera! More like, waiting to borrow my friend Franco's camera! I lost mine about a month ago! :S

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shopping Day

Okay before I blog - I apologize for having no photos... still trying to figure this site out.

Today was my SHOPPING DAY! Bought cosmetics and beauty products.. LOVE IT!

Let me write more about it once i figure out the photo uploading thingy...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Make Tusok-Tusok the Fishball!

Everybody knows that line: make tusok-tusok the fishball...

I still hear people say that phrase up to this day when I say I studied in Assumption San Lo!

Where did that joke come from?! I don't know if it's my generation, but I have never heard anyone - from my batch at least - say make tusok-tusok the fishball!

But... this is not to say we (Assumptionistas) don't speak in Taglish... My friend Has once pointed this out to me: Jenny, do you realize you say 'parang' a lot when you're trying to explain something when you're mad?! (Answer: Nope!)

Parang, labo, naman... I insert these words often...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

How Pinoy am I

Remember that list - How Filipino Are You? Then there's like a hundred or so items describing how Filipinos are?! Anyway, a few of those hold true for me:

You are Filipino when:

You point with your lips.
You have relatives whose nicknames consist of repeated syllables like Ling-Ling, Bong-Bong, or Che-Che.
You have uncles and aunts named Boy, Girlie or Baby.

I USED to point with my lips, until I realized that it didn't look too attractive, haha!

I actually have an aunt named Tita Ling-ling... My grandma's name is actually Tata... 

And, I don't just have uncles and aunts named Boy/Girlie/Baby... My dad's nickname IS Boy! And... my mom... Baby! And it doesn't end there... My dad's sister was also nicknamed Baby and her husband, Boy! (GEEZ!)

To add on to that list, I must say that Batibot was MY SHOW growing up as a kid, while my older sister, Joanne, enjoyed Sesame Street!! Kiko Matsing and Pong Pagong were my make-believe playmates, while my sister’s were Big Bird and Cookie Monster! And when it came to shapes, my sister knew what a triangle, circle and square was, while I knew them as tatsulok, bilog and parisukat. 

Big Bird, and Cookie Monster were just not that interesting. Don’t know why but that was that! Maybe Big Bird was too yellow?! Too feathery?! I’m not really fond of birds come to think of it. In fact, later on, I hated Tweety Bird!

Oh, and if you ask me about Pinoy monsters, I can definitely name them and describe what they are, thanks to my yayas. How many of us Pinoy kids had yayas who told us monster stories – Tikbalang, Engkanto, Manananggal, Tsanak – no wonder Shake, Rattle and Roll! Movies became such big hits (aren’t we on the tenth sequel or something?!).

Growing up, I was also compared to child-star Matet… 

And – this I am proud about – guess where my seventh birthday party was?!?! No other place but JOLLIBEE!!!!! (You know the mascot - the fat, giant bee that Ronald McDonald can’t seem to beat - #1 Fast Food Chain in the WORLD is only #2 in the Philippines!!!!) I absolutely loved the YUM Burgers, Chicken Joys, Jolly Hotdogs… That Isa Pa! Isa Pa! Isa Pang Chicken Joy commercial is so damn true ‘cause I always wanted more Chicken Joys!

Too bad I don’t eat fast food so much nowadays… Stupid slow metabolism that can’t seem to burn fast food as quickly as when I was seven…

So yeah… I’m 100% Pinoy.. and proud! 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Scarlet Begonia Flowers thanks Tessa

So today, 19 September 2010, I was reading the Lifestyle Section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer and noticed that Lifestyle Writer Tessa Prieto-Valdes mentioned my flower company with my Partner Djuna - Scarlet Begonia Flowers!

=D I am ecstatic seeing that - Scarlet Begonia Flowers - printed on the Inquirer!

Thank you Tessa!

Check out www.scarletbegoniaflowers.com! (Soon changing the look, of the site, but go ahead and check it out!)

Where the hell did I come from?

I hear this phrase often whenever I meet new people and I give them my name… Or when they read my card:

          Jenny P. Yrasuegui
          (blah blah blah à depends on which card I hand out.. more on what I do later)

How do you pronounce your last name?
Where are you from?
Is that Japanese/Persian?

Pronounced like this: EE-RA-SE-GI…

And the name is Basque… (Spanish) 

So… no, name is not Japanese or Persian…

When people see me, a lot can’t figure out my mix either. Well, many get that I am somewhat part Spanish, but I have been asked if I were Russian, Japanese or Half-Indian - Russian by other Russians who see me with my Russian friends (they start speaking to me in their language and I’m just like What?!), Japanese because name looks Japanese to them (if there’s a hint of Japanese in my features, please point it out!) and half-Indian by some people who see me hang-out with my Indian friends…

Ahhhhh… The power of association…

But, if you ask me where the hell did I come from, answer is very simple: I come from the Philippines!!! And I’m Pinoy!!!

Name and look may not be ‘typical Filipino’, but what is a ‘typical Filipino’ anyway? All those years of occupation from various races – Spanish, Americans, Japanese, etc – left us with so many ‘half-this’ ‘half-that’. But I have lived in the Philippines all my life, and this is my home. This is where I am from.

Why I decided to start a blog...

okay... i am totally new to this blogging thingy (duh). i don't even consider myself a writer, but i've always wanted to start a blog, just never got around to it...

until now, obviously.

i guess i was paranoid about my writing skills... was thinking i don't even know how to write anymore... so i just delayed.. and delayed... and delayed... and delayed...

then a few months back, i started meeting all these bloggers (shout out to Anton, Mike and Karl!), and i guess i got curious, so i started asking them questions about their blogs, and how they started, etc etc. then a few days ago, i just thought to myself if i don't start my blog now, i will never start it... what have i got to lose?

if i let my paranoia of not having awesome writing skills stop me, then i will never start this blog too. besides, i can just write it as how i think it... let it flow out naturally. then hopefully - in time - i can improve on my writing skills.

i decided to start blogging, mainly because i have all these RANDOM thoughts and ideas which i want to share, and at times, i have no one to share them with (haha... sad)! i TWEET some of my random thoughts and ideas, but that's actually not too good cause my 'followers' are FORCED to read them (and come on, i really don't like forcing people!)(wouldn't be surprised if i've been UNFOLLOWED by a few already!). besides, i need more than 140 characters! having an outlet - this blog - will be healthy for me.. and if people get a good laugh out of the random stuff i write here, or if people learn something from the random ideas i have, then i would be really happy!