Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Tribute to Nicole Whisenhunt - Jewelry Designer/Friend

In my late Twenties (starting at 26),  I feel I found what I want to do in life... I'm a very open person - in work, love and friendship. And career-wise, I have dabbled into different fields:

Past - banking, the arts (i used to join plays... and was part of the choir in Grade School... weird, i know)

Present - writing (blog!), marketing and pr, events - including floral designs (I part-own a flower company with a beautiful soul, Djuna Rocha. Name of our company - Scarlet Begonia Flowers), importation (focused on toys for now)... (What is common in ALL is that even with the flower company and importation biz, I focus on the marketing and pr aspects)

Future - who knows? i am open...

Nicole Whisenhunt, Entrepreneur and Jewelry Designer,  is one friend of mine who I can sit down with and talk about life and career. She's been a friend for more than a decade. I knew her even before she started designing. Like most teenagers, she and I didn't care much about work and simply enjoyed shopping and going out.

With Nicole Whisenhunt, right...
At the launch of Republiq Superclub last June 2010.. She is wearing a vest she designed

All that changed when Nicole's mom, Tita Baby, inspired Nicole to try her hand in designing. We were probably around 20 years old... She started with chains and semi-precious stones. She joined bazaars and worked hard to make sure she had new designs to show to clients.

Then after a few years of creating these beautiful chained pieces, Nicole felt the need to reinvent herself as a designer. It took her awhile to find her technique. She was thinking of making plated jewelry but never really got around to doing it. Then one day, about two years ago, she found what she wanted to do: Bib necklaces.

Success came quickly to her. After just a few months, more and more clients visited her in her workshop, and actresses like Gretchen Barreto, Kris Aquino and Ruffa Gutierrez would be seen wearing a Nicole Whisenhunt bib on television. Even the business group Go Negosyo! saw how successful Nicole was and awarded her with the title Most Inspiring Young Entrepreneur in 2009 together with nine others.

In 2010, she started gaining recognition globally, check out the press releases in Magazines and Websites below:

"Tres Chic", Marbella Spain Oct-Nov 2010 1/3

US Town & Country: Nicole Whisenhunt feature on the Cindy Neckpiece close up (Nov 2011)
Elle November 2010

I've known Nicole for a long time, and she is one of the most driven people I know. She wasn't always like that, but when she found her drive and inspiration, she stuck to it. There have been days when she would call me - almost crying - because of the amount of work she has to do. But she stayed focused and passionate, and by staying true to what she loved, she reached this level of success. 

And I know this lady is not even thinking of slowing down. This is only the beginning.

Nicole - this is my tribute to you! CHEERS! All the blessings... 


PS: Will post latest collections in a bit...

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