Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eat Pray Love - And Finding My Word

Watched Eat, Pray, Love a few nights ago with the FUNtastic FOUR (Monica Araneta, Theresa Leung and my flatmate, Jessica Yenko) and Monica's parents, Tito Linggoy and Tita Connie. I liked the movie, liked the book more though because like most other book-turned-movie, the movie could not really go deeper into the characters' thoughts and feelings.

When I first read the book more than a year ago, I remember having an OBSESSION over the three countries that were part of Elizabeth Gilbert's journey to self-discovery - Italy, India and Indonesia. I wanted to visit ALL. Wanted to learn Italian too.. Wanted to visit India... Wanted to surf the waves of Bali... etc etc.

After watching the movie with my friends, T (as how we like calling Theresa) asked: SO, what is your word?

T answered Passion.
Jess answered Discovery.
Mons answered... and we love this answer... WOOHOO!

My word... I couldn't find just yet...

So the movie, done. Went on with doing what I normally do - work, work, party, work-out... Then on Sunday, was with Tisha Ang and Mons again, chilling... Like how we normally spend our Sundays... Then before hearing Mass, we decided to head to Fully Booked, and all of a sudden, this feeling of inspiration came to me... I wanted to buy my books.

I bought three books - Logos and Identity Book, and two books on floristry.

Carrying my books down to the cashier, Mons was behind me. I was so happy and giddy! Then I looked back to her and said... I found my word...



  1. thanks Pat!!!
    i'm still figuring out my way around this site. am i following you already?