Sunday, October 31, 2010

"May the Force Be with You" - Halloween Post Part 1

I love Halloween! It is my FAVORITE HOLIDAY of the year!!!

I normally plan for Halloween, came as Betty Boop last year (see photo below), Jessica Rabbit another year, and a vampire too (lame vampire). This year, I was SUPPOSEDLY going as Wonderwoman - even had my fave designer/friend, John Paras, think of a design already - paid down payment then changed my mind 'cause I thought my clique and I were going as Angels (we - the little devils - found it hilarious to dress up as angels!). Then we could not find angel wings! So I was left with NO CLUE on what to be this year the day before the big Halloween Ball of Members Only (freak-out!)!

Betty Boopy! Hair and Make-up by Lourd Ramos!
Was wearing a wig haha but he styled it...
Btw he is opening his own salon soon! STAY TUNED!

So I just looked at my closet and found a beautiful dressy skirt by Sassa Jimenez and thought – maybe I can be a prom princess… Our theme in Members Only was GLEE-INSPIRED… PERFECT!

I love the invite!

Then Theresa Leung (T) found a costume in Monica Araneta’s place… 

Padme Amidala of Naboo!!!

I didn't have the gun :( It would have been perfect if I had weapons too! But I must say, my costume was a WINNER! (Hehe)

Other cute costumes I saw - really liked Rosario Herrera's Captain America costume! And I saw a Michael Jackson and Madonna couple! Super cute! (I wonder what Tim Yap wore last night?! He has THE BEST costumes every Halloween!)

May the force be with you!

Supahstah Dreams...

I opened a second blog...!

This one is a more personal blog where I write my thoughts and insights, and the other blog is for when I go SUPAHSTAH hahaha! (I call myself that when I attend events...) Will also include fashion and beauty in my second blog...

Stay tuned for the HALLOWEEN POST! =D

Friday, October 29, 2010

Dreams and Deadlines

We are never too old to dream...

And never too old to stop striving to fulfill our dreams.

I used to dream of teaching... used to dream of becoming a writer too. I thought those dreams would never happen, but lately, opportunities have knocked on my door, showing me that these are still possible...

In life, you never really know! Why set deadlines on your dreams?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Watsons Shopping Challenge

Philippines top tastemakers were given a mission to choose their favorite products which allowed them or a friend to ‘live beautifully’. 

Inspire a friend to “live beautifully.” 


You can find almost anything in Watsons for beauty and skincare, even the basic stuff

Products! Products! Products!
Deni Rose Afinidad and Dina Ventura of The Daily Tribune

Checking out Watsons Beauty Products

Zo Aguila of Cosmopolitan


Celine Gabriel of Manila Standard

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Tribute to Nicole Whisenhunt - Jewelry Designer/Friend

In my late Twenties (starting at 26),  I feel I found what I want to do in life... I'm a very open person - in work, love and friendship. And career-wise, I have dabbled into different fields:

Past - banking, the arts (i used to join plays... and was part of the choir in Grade School... weird, i know)

Present - writing (blog!), marketing and pr, events - including floral designs (I part-own a flower company with a beautiful soul, Djuna Rocha. Name of our company - Scarlet Begonia Flowers), importation (focused on toys for now)... (What is common in ALL is that even with the flower company and importation biz, I focus on the marketing and pr aspects)

Future - who knows? i am open...

Nicole Whisenhunt, Entrepreneur and Jewelry Designer,  is one friend of mine who I can sit down with and talk about life and career. She's been a friend for more than a decade. I knew her even before she started designing. Like most teenagers, she and I didn't care much about work and simply enjoyed shopping and going out.

With Nicole Whisenhunt, right...
At the launch of Republiq Superclub last June 2010.. She is wearing a vest she designed

All that changed when Nicole's mom, Tita Baby, inspired Nicole to try her hand in designing. We were probably around 20 years old... She started with chains and semi-precious stones. She joined bazaars and worked hard to make sure she had new designs to show to clients.

Then after a few years of creating these beautiful chained pieces, Nicole felt the need to reinvent herself as a designer. It took her awhile to find her technique. She was thinking of making plated jewelry but never really got around to doing it. Then one day, about two years ago, she found what she wanted to do: Bib necklaces.

Success came quickly to her. After just a few months, more and more clients visited her in her workshop, and actresses like Gretchen Barreto, Kris Aquino and Ruffa Gutierrez would be seen wearing a Nicole Whisenhunt bib on television. Even the business group Go Negosyo! saw how successful Nicole was and awarded her with the title Most Inspiring Young Entrepreneur in 2009 together with nine others.

In 2010, she started gaining recognition globally, check out the press releases in Magazines and Websites below:

"Tres Chic", Marbella Spain Oct-Nov 2010 1/3

US Town & Country: Nicole Whisenhunt feature on the Cindy Neckpiece close up (Nov 2011)
Elle November 2010

I've known Nicole for a long time, and she is one of the most driven people I know. She wasn't always like that, but when she found her drive and inspiration, she stuck to it. There have been days when she would call me - almost crying - because of the amount of work she has to do. But she stayed focused and passionate, and by staying true to what she loved, she reached this level of success. 

And I know this lady is not even thinking of slowing down. This is only the beginning.

Nicole - this is my tribute to you! CHEERS! All the blessings... 


PS: Will post latest collections in a bit...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Heart and Soul

I believe that when you do things, you must put your heart in it...

When you meet people, each encounter has to be sincere and heart-felt... If you cannot be sincere, and if your heart is not in it, then don't bother.

It is so important to be real. Because when we are not, we end up fooling ourselves and we forget what is important. We hurt others and ourselves.

I write with my heart as the guide first... and in turn, it enriches my soul.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My (Almost) Blurry-Free Birthday Week

I just turned 28 last Tuesday, October 19...

I normally celebrate a whole week, sometimes even longer... My Birthday Celebrations are like Indian Wedding Celebrations.

Last year, I celebrated 3 times... I think! Monday - for my actual birthday in Su Casa... Friday for my SUPAHVILLAINS SUPAHPARTY (I came as the devil, see photo below)... and Wednesday... I'm forgetting where, but I am almost 100% sure that it was also in Members Only.

And - not really proud saying this, just stating a fact - all my birthday celebrations since maybe my 19th birthday party have been blurry... 19-25 probably full black-outs... 26 and 27... not really full black-outs anymore (at least I remember how i got home...) but still with some gaps.

I had a blast in each and every one of them, at the very least... If I could do them all over again, I wouldn't change a thing. We go through what we do because we have to. I don't know if that just made any sense, but anyway... I'm a firm believer that in life, we must have no regrets - black-outs and everything that comes with it.

BUT.... 28 is like a milestone year for me... Am I just going to keep on doing what I have kept on doing for almost a decade - party-wise?  Not that it's not fun anymore - it will always be fun. Even if most of the time, I am with the same people anyway. In my line of work, I meet all sorts of people, become close to all sorts of groups, but after awhile, people move on, and maybe from having a dozen new friends, you only end up really close to one or two of them... Those who have common interests with you and CHOOSE to have open lines of communication with you.

28 was the first year I celebrated with the people who I know really, really, really cared for me... And if those people who really, really, really cared for me couldn't be there, they made sure to tell me that they cared.

I'm not the super-sentimental type... except maybe with boys haha (at least I am honest)... But my birthday week always makes me feel a little sentimental. I look back, and I see how far i've gone... And sometimes I still shock myself that I am where I am now. I still have a long way to go, and I know with life, we really don't know what's going to happen next, but I also know, that it's important to be GRATEFUL for everything.

So, yes... this year was ALMOST blurry-free... my HS Reunion last Saturday was what broke the blurry-free streak! HAHA! more on that in the next post!

I've always been grateful for the friends that I have... They are FAMILY to me... So thank you, friends... You guys know who you are! :)


PS - Special Mention to THERESA LEUNG who stayed with FUNTASTIC FOUR til the end despite being sick and sober... I love you!

And Monica Araneta - Thanks for always having me as a boarder! HAHA!

Jessica Yenko - my flatmate and almost sister!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fucked in the Head

I am loving this link:


Are you? Maybe a little bit? But that's a good thing love....

Monday, October 18, 2010

Girls Night Out = Always the Most Dangerous PART 2 at Republiq

Sooooo after dinner... we decided to head to Republiq where we were to meet our other friend Noelle Hilario - surfer chick/graphic artist. We had our table, had our drinks, and definitely had our fun:

says the Bandicoot...

Bandicoot, for those of you who don't know, is my alter-ego name....

See you soon, Republiq!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

KID CUDI - Erase Me

Kid Cudi - Erase Me

She said I don't spend time like I really should
She said she don't know me, anymore
I think she hates me deep down, I know she does
She wants to erase me hmmmmmm

A couple days no talking, I seen my baby
And this what she tells me, she said

I keep on running, keep on running
And nothing works
I can't get away from you, no

I keep on ducking, keep on ducking
And nothing helps
I can't stop missing you, yeah

[Verse 2]
It's like I'm her new nightmare, she ain't escaping
It makes me feel a bit complete, yeah
Knowing someone you love don't feel the same way about ya
Memories they soon delete, hmmm

A couple weeks no talking, I seen my baby
I've missed you so damn much, hey
I wish we could start over, I told my baby
This what this bitch tells me, she said

I keep on running, keep on running
And nothing works
I can't get away from you, no

I keep on ducking, keep on ducking
And nothing helps
I can't stop missing you, yeah

Cuz I'm in the magazines
On the TV
No matter where you are you might hear me
I'm in the magazines
On the TV
No matter where you go you might see me

[Verse 3]
Uh, I’m Yeezy
She said Hi I’m Aria,
No! You an angel you wave hi to Aaliyah
I got a show in Korea
They built a new arena
Why don’t you come watch n-gga tear the whole scene up
I know I’ve seen you before but don’t know where I’ve seen ya
Oh I remember now, it’s something I that I dreamed of
Don C said she cool but don’t let her f-ck ya cream up
Monica Lewinsky on ya dress take ya to the cleaners
Sure enough a week later I’m in extra love
And everybody know she mine so she extra plug
Every bouncer every club show her extra love
We just praying the new fame don’t get the best of us
But all good things gotta come to an end-a
She let it go to her head, no not my aria
The height of her shopping was writers blocking me
I couldn’t get my shit out anyway, I hope you die Aria

I keep on running, keep on running
And nothing works
I can't get away from you, no

I keep on ducking, keep on ducking
And nothing helps
I can't stop missing you, yeah

25 Random Things About Me...

This was something I wrote almost 2 years ago... 

I read it again... everything still holds true, except i'm not so much of a diet freak anymore!

1. For the record, my last name is spelled like this: Y-R-A-S-U-E-G-U-I. It is pronounced like this: EE-RA-SE-GI. It is of the BASQUE ORIGIN... not Japanese... not Persian... BASQUE.

2. When my mom gave birth to 
me, the doctors found that the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck. In fact, I was already blue! But obviously, I survived it.

3. I have a mole at the nape of my neck that I am conscious 
about. I don't see it, but I know it's there. When I am stressed, I have a habit of checking if the mole is still there. Weird, I know...

4. But aside from my mole, I am not really self-conscious. I can walk around the mall after a long run, sweaty and all, and not worry
about who I might bump into... I'm one of those with the 'Who cares?' attitude...

5. I am a diet and fitness freak. You can ask 
me anything about carbs, fat, protein, running shoes, training methods, etc, and I will probably have an answer to your question! (I did subscribe to SHAPE mag at one point in my life...)

6. I am the middle child in my family. And that explains a lot 
about my personality. Read up on birth order.

7. I believe in karma. You reap what you sow. It is the simple law of 'cause and effect.'

8. Running is my current sport. My goal is to finish a full marathon (42KM) by the time I hit 30.

9. I hope to run full marathons in different cities around the world.

10. I am passionate 
about my work and friendships. In turn, I have been extremely blessed in both aspects of my life.

11. As much as I love make-up, dresses and shoes, I do not know how to cut my own nails, fix my own hair, and shape my own eyebrows. Which explains why I visit the salon at least twice a week!

12. I am extremely attracted to people who are funny, positive and REAL.

13. Believe it or not, I was a major nerd. My friends from Assumption know this 
about me (Yes, I went to an all-girls Catholic school).

14. I love music, more specifically rock, but I can listen to anything. I usually attach songs to people or memories, and allow lyrics to move 

15. I learned a lot 
about life and relationships by reading Shel Silverstein books.

16. Like Serena Van Der Woodsen, I choose to see what is good in people.

17. And what 
about the 'bad ones?' They are not really 'bad,' they are just broken...

18. Hence, I have my 'back-up': my best friends who help 
me see the bigger picture! (You guys know who you are!)
** Theresa Leung is my all-around shrink... And when that fails, Monica Araneta is my drinking partner! So are the following: Chiqui Okol, Michelle Pamintuan, Nicole Whisenhunt, Claudine de Leon, Jessica Yenko, Mia Pineda, Patricia Ang, Cecile Dominguez...

19. In situations where I have to defend myself, between 'Fight' or 'Flight,' I choose 'Fight!' Except when it comes to relationships...
** Special mention to Gianna Kessler who taught 
me how to be 'confrontational'

20. The thought of ice cream still makes 
me happy! But nowadays, I settle for yogurt.

21. I am a horrible dancer! I know that, but I still dance anyway.
** Ian Sermonia did say that when we dance, no one is really watching us, so we should just have fun! Good one, Ian!

22. I CHOOSE not to be a 'hater.' Life is too short to focus on what wrong 
things other people do to us. If they are bad to you, then quit hanging with them. There are so many other good people out there.

23. I am the Gossip Girl and Drama Magnet... Believe 
me, I don't care to know about the gossips and the dramas, but for some reason, they just fall on my lap!

24. I can't really say that I am religious just yet, but I am very spiritual.

25. And last but not least: I believe, and will only settle for, a love that is life changing.... 

Girls Night Out = Always the Most Dangerous PART 1 at El Cirkulo

Venue: El Cirkulo, Spanish Restaurant on Pasay Road

A few Fridays ago, my girlfriends and I decided to bring our friend, Tisha Ang, to REPUBLIQ for her (forced) bachelorette. It was her FIRST TIME to check out the club, single... Before getting married (She's getting married civilly this weekend, and her Church wedding is in December in MACAU! Woohoo!)(Congratulations again, Tisha!)

Our night started in El Cirkulo... One of the best restaurants in the Philippines! MUST TRYs - Pork Belly, Bone Marrow, Paella, Octopus, EVERYTHING! This place has been around for OVER A DECADE, they must be doing something right! (Thank you, Malou and Jay Gamboa for letting us have El Cirkulo as a dining option in Manila!)

Tisha, Mons and I were in El Cirkulo first, waiting for T to get there (she came from Libis area, and traffic was really, really bad). We ordered - Paella Marinera, Octopus, Bone Marrow (Photo below), Salmon Dish, and... I know I am forgetting something here... Oh, Sangria! And eel! Yes, the eel so YUMMY! Even the bread... Delish!

Cheers.. Starting with some white wine...
Yummy, yummy bone marrow... (Heart attack!) - I didn't have any though...

Monica Araneta - Playing with Nostalgia Function (Watch out for the Solos..)
More Nostalgia...
On my Blackberry (as usual) with the Bachelorette, Tisha Ang


Next: PART 2

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Next Blog Topics

Was out of town for a BRIDEZILLA AFFAIR... I promise to write (and include photos!) tonight... My next topics being:

1 - Tiaras and Pocketee Days
2 - Bibs and Nicole Whisenhunt
3 - More on PRIVE
4 - Toys!
5 - Flowers

Stay tuned! =D


CHEERS from the Bandicoot

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What a Flake

Since when have I started becoming a flake??

I was suppose to attend the launch of Belo Men today. My High School friend, Cristalle Belo Henares, invited us (FUN-tastic FOUR: Mons, T, Jess and I, see photo below to know who is who), but I 'finished' working at 8:45PM... then I went home to supposedly just eat and shower, but after the nice and cold shower, I got lazy...

Loralee Baron-Soong, Jackie Arceo, T (FUN-tastic 1), Jess (FUN-Tastic 2), Claudine De Leon, Mons (FUN-Tastic 3), ME! (FUN0Tastic 4) and Celine Gabriel in the Members Only Anniversary Ball!

Doing more work now... managed to cross out ONE out of the EIGHT things on my to-do list before going to bed... UGH!

I'm sure everyone at the party is having a blast! With Dj Johnny Verse on deck, Derek Ramsay as the image model, and the brand BELO all over the event...

Monday, October 11, 2010

PRIVE presents Rosanna Ocampo


Rosanna Ocampo kicked off this year’s series with a vintage-inspired capsule collection channeling the roaring twenties. Rosanna dolled up her muses, among them Mica Lagdameo-Martinez, Nicole Jacinto and Stephanie Kienle, in sophisticated flapper fashion, choosing details like short hemlines, tiers and flirty fringe. 42 Below provided the night’s vodka-infused concoctions while Make-up Forever and L'oreal lent a hand in getting the ladies all glammed up for the festivities.


Rosanna Ocampo
Nicole Jacinto
Mika Lagdameo-Martinez

Rocio Olbes

Stephanie Zubiri

More on my word... LEARN

i was one of those nerds in school. Running joke in my HS group of friends: Si Jenny lang yung nasa advanced-math at siya lang yung pumapasa! 

And I did that while partying... Even back in High School, I was already partying. But despite that, I always told myself - Party all you want, but bring home awesome grades. 

I've always felt that I needed to excel in school. My father used to tell me that education was the most important gift he could ever give me. He never pressured me in any other aspect of my life except in school. He told me to make sure that whatever happens, I should do well in school. 

So in school, I excelled. And in school, I first got a glimpse of what learning is all about.

Growing up, I was also told that I could NEVER be athletic. My left side is noticeably longer than my right side. I'm almost flat-footed too. And I did bump my head and injured myself quite often as a kid. But, I never listened and never let my 'deficiencies' stop me from doing sports. Eventually, by grade 5, I was in the swimming varsity team. High school, I was in the soccer varsity team. College, I ran my first 5KM. After college, I ran my first 21KM...

Working on completing a 42KM marathon... soon. Before I hit 30. Iron Man? Maybe. I am open to it.

From that experience, I learned that what other people say isn't always true. And just because other people say YOU CAN NOT, does not mean you really can't. You should know to gauge what you can or cannot for yourself. 

Learning also never stops. Just because we are done with school does not mean learning ends. Learning is a process. We learn, unlearn, and learn again. As mentioned earlier, my father felt that the most important gift he could ever give me was education. He was wrong. The most important gift I have ever received from him - and from everyone else who mean/meant something to me - is experience.

You live. You learn.

I am a student of life. I feel most alive learning from my experiences with people. If there's a reason why I take on so much work, then that reason must be because I am eager to learn more. If there's a reason why I am open to people, then it must be because I wish to learn from their experiences. And I wish to know how they are. Cultures, traditions, religions, stories... I find all quite interesting.

Pain and loss are two great teachers. Both I've grown accustomed to. It's true what they say - What does not kill you will only make you stronger. Painful experiences in my life, and losses, have made me the person that I am today. When I learned to empower myself to lead my life and stick to what is positive, I was able to tune in to everything that is good. 

Grateful for learning...

LEARN. That is my word.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eat Pray Love - And Finding My Word

Watched Eat, Pray, Love a few nights ago with the FUNtastic FOUR (Monica Araneta, Theresa Leung and my flatmate, Jessica Yenko) and Monica's parents, Tito Linggoy and Tita Connie. I liked the movie, liked the book more though because like most other book-turned-movie, the movie could not really go deeper into the characters' thoughts and feelings.

When I first read the book more than a year ago, I remember having an OBSESSION over the three countries that were part of Elizabeth Gilbert's journey to self-discovery - Italy, India and Indonesia. I wanted to visit ALL. Wanted to learn Italian too.. Wanted to visit India... Wanted to surf the waves of Bali... etc etc.

After watching the movie with my friends, T (as how we like calling Theresa) asked: SO, what is your word?

T answered Passion.
Jess answered Discovery.
Mons answered... and we love this answer... WOOHOO!

My word... I couldn't find just yet...

So the movie, done. Went on with doing what I normally do - work, work, party, work-out... Then on Sunday, was with Tisha Ang and Mons again, chilling... Like how we normally spend our Sundays... Then before hearing Mass, we decided to head to Fully Booked, and all of a sudden, this feeling of inspiration came to me... I wanted to buy my books.

I bought three books - Logos and Identity Book, and two books on floristry.

Carrying my books down to the cashier, Mons was behind me. I was so happy and giddy! Then I looked back to her and said... I found my word...


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Last Friday Night

Partied with the girls! Photos and story to follow!

In the meantime, check out this video:

Katy Perry

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Members Only PRIVE presents Panopio Jewellery

WRITE-UP by Renee Puno
Fashion lives strong at the ultra-exclusive Members Only, as the private membership lounge and bar continues with its Prive series. Every Wednesday night is a dazzling style soiree as Members Only and Mega Magazine tap the country’s top designers to present their latest creations modeled on their chosen muses.
Panopio Jewellery is next on this stylish roster as sister act Vicky and Bea Panopio showed off their hand-crafted, custom-made jewellery. Muses donned the brand’s sophisticated Preholiday Collection 2010, which featured a mix of strikingly large colored stones and diamonds.  Guests marveled at the glittery trinkets as they sipped on the world's number one premium rum, Bacardi. 

PHOTOS BY Daniel Tan

MEGA Magazine's Meryll Yan

Phoemela Baranda

Louie Ysmael and Manny "Pacman" Paquiao
Panopio Jewellery by Panopio sisters Vicky and Bea

Vicky Panopio

Bea Panopio

Me, with Gp Reyes, Xeng Zulueta and Erik Cua