Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What a Flake

Since when have I started becoming a flake??

I was suppose to attend the launch of Belo Men today. My High School friend, Cristalle Belo Henares, invited us (FUN-tastic FOUR: Mons, T, Jess and I, see photo below to know who is who), but I 'finished' working at 8:45PM... then I went home to supposedly just eat and shower, but after the nice and cold shower, I got lazy...

Loralee Baron-Soong, Jackie Arceo, T (FUN-tastic 1), Jess (FUN-Tastic 2), Claudine De Leon, Mons (FUN-Tastic 3), ME! (FUN0Tastic 4) and Celine Gabriel in the Members Only Anniversary Ball!

Doing more work now... managed to cross out ONE out of the EIGHT things on my to-do list before going to bed... UGH!

I'm sure everyone at the party is having a blast! With Dj Johnny Verse on deck, Derek Ramsay as the image model, and the brand BELO all over the event...


  1. sayang naman ung event na ni-flake mo. hehe . i also do that.. as in ! hehe
    miss u! yey may photos na

  2. oo nga eh... but sobrang busy...
    more events to come... -BER months na!