Friday, October 1, 2010

John Mayer to me...

My late years in Assumption San Lo as a High School student and my years in Ateneo as a college student were spent mostly in Nicole Whisenhunt's (yes, the awesome jewelry designer) room/car. One of my best friends, I used to always hang-out and sleepover. Those were the years when friends meant everything...  I refer to it as my Rebellious Years ('rebellious' is an understatement).

Those were also the years - somewhere in between - when John Mayer was introduced to me. Maaan... "Your Body is a Wonderland" and "Back to You" were forever on repeat! I must have analyzed, re-analyzed, overanalyzed and back these John Mayer songs a fafillion times! Before getting ready for g (gimmick HAHA) to meet up with the boys, while driving to Ponti/Yaku/Tagaytay/Caliraya/Peligro/etc, while on the boat before wakeboarding, etc etc etc...

John Mayer, for sure, had at least two tracks in the CD playing during these formative years. How many times have I listened to "Back to you" with a broken heart? Or to "My Stupid Mouth" after saying stupid things to guys I've liked? Or to "Your Body is a Wonderland" when.... ugh.. (nevermind)(I didn't really relate to that song very often.. !!!).

So how can I say no to watching him LIVE in Manila?! In the industry I work in, I can score free tickets if i really, really wanted to. But eff that. I will PAY to see John Mayer. His music - his lyrics - touch me. And all the memories that these songs bring back, no amount of money can ever match those.

It was raining in Manila last night during John Mayer's concert. But MOA grounds had a good crowd. And I was with my concert crew - Monica Araneta, Theresa Leung and Jess Yenko. New members of the concert crew - Georgia and Armand del Rosario and JJ Pou. We had a blast! As usual... there were Morgan Cokes being passed around (but I didn't have any, I was HIGH from the music -- yuck, baduy ba?!)! And don't ask us how we got from SILVER to GOLD (and some, to PLATINUM even)!

Personally, I have this thing for downpour for some reason... Not a big fan of stormy weather, but I have a strong attachment to it. I think the rain made the concert extra special. Instead of drowning our spirits, it seemed to have uplifted it.

While writing this entry, I put John Mayer on for some inspiration. And when I started writing about the rain, his song "Covered in Rain" started playing...

I think Imma buy me some John Mayer (original) cds this weekend... :) Happy Weekend everyone!

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