Friday, November 19, 2010

My Year-End Song PART 1

I always stress that I speak through music.

I also notice - the songs that I choose to listen to over and over again reflects my mood and present state.

I plan to do a blog entry next month on my TOP 25 track list on my iPod... Those tracks are the soundtrack of my 2010... I'm closing it strong...

I remember speaking with my friends about memories... If you ask me, I don't even recall what I was wearing two Saturdays ago. Sometimes, I remember the moment, but I don't remember the age that it happened. I remember things from High School and College but don't remember how old I was when those happened - except for the major events: the really happy events, the really painful ones... I remember conversations - but only one-liners stick to me. I remember people and how they made me feel... And most of the time, I remember them for the happy times.

Last year, my top 3 year-end songs were:

1. Black Eyed Peas - I gotta feeling

2. Black Eyed Peas - Meet me halfway

3. Kesha - Tick Tock

Songs played during fun times - at the club (ENCORE!), in Tali, in the car, on my iPod while I run.... I remember, I even have a video with Dino, Mons' brother, dancing to I gotta feeling!  But I don't remember which Tali trip that was....

Let's keep having GREAT TIMES because this is what we should remember.... Forget the pain, forget the loss, forget the bad experiences. Choose to focus on the joys of living...

In French... Joie de vivre!

And for this year... My year end song seems to be Kylie Minogue's Get Outta My Way... Really feeling it!

Kylie's Get Outta My Way

More on this later! :)


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