Monday, November 15, 2010

November 16 - Quiet Tuesday Morning

Aside from the noisy kids on their field trip, I am having a very quiet Tuesday morning. It's a holiday (again) and I used this morning to catch up on all the work (well... not all) I've been missing out on. At least I managed to get organized for my 12NN lunch meeting with Celine. Too many things to discuss.

I hired my assistant today. If she agrees, then she starts officially on November 18. Asked her to come to the Art of Scent Grand Launch so she can take a look at how events are, more importantly get a feel of who I am (Is Bandi coming out??! Hehe!). 

It's important to get to know who you're working with. I believe the best colleagues are the ones who know how to feel others out. It's a personality thing. But not a personal thing... Know what I mean? It's good to add a personal touch, but also to be detached. Because there will be conflicts and disagreements and if you're the type to take it personally, then you will just get hurt. Or worse, do the job wrong.

And GROWTH is important. There will be people we'll be working with for a short time only, others for a longer period. Still others forever. If colleagues or partners want to leave, we should let them. Because forcing them to stay against their will will only cause us to lose them. Maybe not right away, but eventually. It gets worse when we prolong it.

A few years back, I often wondered what it was like to be too busy that you can't think of anything else but work. I started experiencing that in the past couple months. I do like it, but only now I realized the value of personal time. We can't work 24/7. We need to recharge and be with our friends and have conversations about life and what it means. Personal time is what keeps us going. That and positive people.

I read this quote on Twitter today:

"When we seek to discover the best in others, we somehow bring out the best in ourselves."
 - William Arthur Ward

I made a choice to be with only the most optimistic people. Choice to be in relationships that bring out the best in me, because I only want to bring out the best in others. Imagine a relationship where all you do is fight and complain and blame one another? Not cool. We cannot avoid negative people, but we can control how much time we spend with them. 

I'm really lucky to have the friends that I do. My weekend with the 8 of them for Tisha's bachelorette gave me the energy I need for the next couple weeks. I feel so blest. 

This blog - crazybandi - really is a window to my soul. A journal of my life. It's very personal. This is where I write my random thoughts and where I express myself.. 

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