Friday, November 5, 2010

-BLUR Months

-Ber months are always the party months... no matter how much I tell myself that this time - I won't be partying as much... it just won't happen on the -Ber months...  (or shall we say.. the -BLUR months!)

Bracing myself for Decem-BLUR.  First weekend of Novem-BLUR already kicked my ass... and the weekend is not even over yet!

-Ber months are also the time when I am busiest for work. In PR and Marketing, most (if not all) brands make the most out of this Holiday buying season. Too many events take place - press events, launches, bar events, parties... Since mid-October, I've had to plan maybe 2 events per week! NUTS! But still very much fun.

For the flower business, events also almost always happen in November and December, even January. (Scarlet Begonia Flowers can also do Christmas decor! More on this in later posts!) And let's not forget about Silly Band-it's and Ringz and stuffed toys - I shall blog about these products this weekend! Order from me for Christmas (for the kiddos)!

I know I have too much on my plate right now... And this time, I know the best thing to do is really hire an assistant. I've got two applicants and will start interviewing next week!

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