Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011... PART 2: New Year's Resolutions

Let's create new and better habits in 2011...

More adventures! More love! More positivity!

For my New Year's Resolutions:

1. Pick my party battles

I cannot... cannot... cannot... CANNOT keep on partying like a superstar! I keep saying this EVERY NEW YEAR's. A pat on the back for myself though for not partying as hard as how I used to back when I had close to zero responsibilities (aside from bringing home good grades). It is the year where I will start picking my battles wisely. 

I already know that I love Patron and Grey Goose and that chances are, I will not totally quit drinking. But I can live with the occasional partying vs. the thrice-a-week partying (and daily partying when Decem-Blur hits). Time to put my foot down!

Partying at OPUS with Dina, Jen K and Nicole Whisenhunt
A glass of Grey Goose Sprite Zero in hand

Partying in Macau for Tisha's + Miguel's wedding
(after multiple shots of tequila)

2. Train more religiously

I used to train harder, but with all the work that came in 2010 when the -Ber months hit, I just had to stop. I continued my Pilates sessions but did ZERO cardio. My fitness goals for the year include finishing a 21KM (at least 2 times) in preparation for my FULL MARATHON in 2012.

Aside from running, I also plan to train for other sports such as badminton and swimming. Pilates will remain a constant, and maybe - if I have the time - yoga once a week!

3. Be (more) focused

I was pretty much experimenting with work in 2009 and 2010 and by the second half of 2010 I've finally discovered what I want to focus on. I was also blest in 2010 when at the second half, I was able to form good working relationships with different people. For 2011, I want to just focus on these alliances I've formed and put all my efforts in just those... No more forming new working relationships.

I want ARC, iHobby and Scarlet Begonia to grow... Focus on clients and their growth as well. I can't really go into detail on how I plan to do it, but I am working on it.

Note: check out to see our products!

Wedding Arrangement by Scarlet Begonia Flowers

I love Scarlet Begonia Flowers!

4. Travel

I love seeing the world. Meeting new people and learning about their food and culture. Traveling around Asia in 2010 was AWESOME! I got to see new places (Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Macau) and revisit HK in Asia and Davao and Cebu in the Philippines!


With Mons and Tisha, some of my traveling buds on 

Posing where Angelina Jolie shot "Tomb Raider" in Cambodia with T, Mons and Tish!
This was our trip celebrating T's birthday!

Beautiful Angkor Wat

This year, aside from traveling around the Philippines, I want to try to travel to a different continent. Let's see...

Already booked for Boracay in February! Planning another Asian trip around my birthday... I want to visit Singapore, HK and Bangkok again in 2011... and HOPEFULLY, the U.S. or Europe.

Time to fix the visa!

5. Become more spiritual


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