Monday, January 17, 2011

Changing habits with regards to my 'Crackberry'

In 2009, I discovered the Blackberry...

Before that, I would hear my friends with Blackberries referring to this device as the 'Crackberry...' I didn't get why... Not until I finally bought my own.

The Blackberry is addicting! (Hence, CRACKberry) It is the best device for:

1. Workaholics

2. Perpetual flirts (don't we love the ;) and :* and ;;) smiley icons?) (wink, kiss, eyelashes)

3. Bored people

Sure... it makes us more productive... We get our emails 24/7... We are connected 24/7... We can tweet, facebook, chat 24/7... We are reachable 24/7... But -- do we want all of that really?

We've become so dependent on our phones, iPods, iPads, social networking sites that we sometimes forget the importance of connecting with people who are with us at the moment. I am guilty of that. In 2010, a lot of my friends would complain that even when I was physically there, my mind would be somewhere else. (Although on some occasions, I would really be on my phone for work reasons, but still... ) 

After awhile, it dawned upon me that it wasn't cool to be half-there. (or to be half-anything... make a stand!) And - as habits die hard, if they die at all - I knew this one was going to be hard to break. 

I started by taking out Twitter on my phone.... No more impulsive tweets (hehe). I just have to accept that - no matter how brilliant I must think something is at that moment when I am out with friends, chances are, the day after, it really ain't that brilliant. I try not to take social networking comments seriously, and because I think that way, I assume that people will also not take my comments seriously... Or not look too much into it. But what may seem like a joke to me may not be to someone else. And by lessening my 'impulsive tweets,' I lessen the chances of offending others. And not miss the fun that is happening where I am at.

Then, I've decided to put my phone on silent... That way, no BBM messages or phone calls can ever interrupt meetings and great conversations.

True enough, when I became more conscious with how much time I spend on my Crackberry, and when I started to lessen my Crackberry activities, I've noticed how other people addicted to it have made me annoyed.... Sadly, I was (and can still sometimes be) that annoying person... :s

I mentioned five resolutions in my previous post... This is my sixth. 

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