Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blogger's Block

I can't seem to find inspiration... I have to be inspired to write. I work better when I'm inspired. My relationships with people are better when they inspire me to be the best that I can be... I like to inspire others...

I call this lack of inspiration in writing 'blogger's block'! And the feeling that comes to me when I lack inspiration is the feeling of being stuck.

Frustration also helps me with the flow of my writing, and ironically, the topic on 'Blogger's Block' is helping me find ways to express myself...

The past couple days, I've been feeling quite stuck. I feel this once a year when I am uncertain about where I want to go. It sucks, no doubt, but feeling this way helps me find time to internalize and think about my life and to try to analyze why I feel this way. The happy me - almost never sad except when huge problems arise (sometimes, not huge, but petty problems I make huge!) - can never really spot when anything is wrong. So I guess feeling stuck and uninspired is a good thing, especially for someone who loves being inspired. Life and living are all about inspiration. Purpose driven life.

Note to self - seek inspiration. Time to make changes. Time to shift mindsets. Quit settling.

I plan to use the days ahead to just sit back and reflect and focus on myself... Hopefully I find what I need to. Or hopefully it finds me. So I know where to go.

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