Sunday, May 22, 2011

PRIVE featuring Trousseau by Reshma (with Madhuri-Rania Mohnani for the dresses)

Been organizing MEMBERS ONLY PRIVE events since 2009, and from these little fashion events of mine, I've met so many people from the fashion industry, some of them being my closest friends today.

However, it is still different when the PRIVE I am organizing is for friends... It becomes more personal.

I met Reshma Chulani, designer of Trousseau bags, from.. where else... Embassy! HAHA! All those Friday nights in the VIP room dancing and having A LOT OF FUN! i don't even remember anymore who introduced us, but as time passed by, I started to get to know her.

Designer of Trousseau Bags
Reshma Chulani

Around January of this year, Reshma started talking to me about her bags. I see the passion of this pretty lady whenever she talks about what she plans to do.  And I see her work hard to make sure that she gets this done while being driven by passion.

If I were to choose one reason why I enjoy organizing my PRIVE events it is that I get to see how various people execute their creativity, while being extremely passionate about it. A very passionate person myself, I am drawn to that.

Madhuri, on the other hand, I met during dance practice..... YES you read that right - DANCE PRACTICE! We were preparing for Nanik's and Roshni's Sangeet, practicing two or three times a week at Cristalle's house, and just spending a lot of time together. I didn't really get to talk to her much back then but I noticed how good she was with learning the steps (AND I SUCKED BIG TIME HAHAHAHAHA!).

Designer Madhuri-Rania Mohnani with Reshma

Before the event, I met with Reshma at the Fort and she told me Madhuri would be the one dressing up her muses. Of course, hearing that made me even more excited!

I got to the event a bit late, was running around for work and still had to rush and get ready in time for the show. There were ten beautiful muses, all in their Madhuri dresses and holding their Trousseau bags!

The designers with their muses

Pretty Priti!


Gorgeous Stalley!

Blooming Bride-to-Be Nisha Hemlani

Until the next one.... PARTY LIKE A SUPAHSTAH!

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