Friday, May 20, 2011

Past Couple Months...

Work got in the way... again!

Last time a blogged was last January... that was four months ago! I miss it, so I am starting to do it again.

Past couple months have been CRAZY workwise... That only means one thing: I am blessed. A year ago I barely knew where I wanted to go then all of a sudden, things just fell into place.

Not to say that there is no more point in working hard... Of course, we must always stay focused, and we must always keep our feet planted on the ground. We never know what will happen next.

But life is not just about working. Quality of life is what's really more important. And quality is in all aspects - work, family, love, spirituality.

So here I am, trying my hand again at this. Not for anyone, but myself. A way to express myself better, in turn understand myself better. That way, I understand others better.

I pray for inspiration to come my way... I write better when inspired!


  1. Aww! Well said!! So glad I had the chance to know you. <3 Will be waiting for your next blog post. :)