Saturday, September 18, 2010

Why I decided to start a blog...

okay... i am totally new to this blogging thingy (duh). i don't even consider myself a writer, but i've always wanted to start a blog, just never got around to it...

until now, obviously.

i guess i was paranoid about my writing skills... was thinking i don't even know how to write anymore... so i just delayed.. and delayed... and delayed... and delayed...

then a few months back, i started meeting all these bloggers (shout out to Anton, Mike and Karl!), and i guess i got curious, so i started asking them questions about their blogs, and how they started, etc etc. then a few days ago, i just thought to myself if i don't start my blog now, i will never start it... what have i got to lose?

if i let my paranoia of not having awesome writing skills stop me, then i will never start this blog too. besides, i can just write it as how i think it... let it flow out naturally. then hopefully - in time - i can improve on my writing skills.

i decided to start blogging, mainly because i have all these RANDOM thoughts and ideas which i want to share, and at times, i have no one to share them with (haha... sad)! i TWEET some of my random thoughts and ideas, but that's actually not too good cause my 'followers' are FORCED to read them (and come on, i really don't like forcing people!)(wouldn't be surprised if i've been UNFOLLOWED by a few already!). besides, i need more than 140 characters! having an outlet - this blog - will be healthy for me.. and if people get a good laugh out of the random stuff i write here, or if people learn something from the random ideas i have, then i would be really happy!


  1. Welcome Jenny! <3 Yup, you have got nothing to lose. Happy blogging!

  2. Hello guys! :)

    Anna - Thanks! Happy blogging too!

  3. Haha Pat didn't realize it was you until I clicked your profile!!!