Sunday, September 19, 2010

How Pinoy am I

Remember that list - How Filipino Are You? Then there's like a hundred or so items describing how Filipinos are?! Anyway, a few of those hold true for me:

You are Filipino when:

You point with your lips.
You have relatives whose nicknames consist of repeated syllables like Ling-Ling, Bong-Bong, or Che-Che.
You have uncles and aunts named Boy, Girlie or Baby.

I USED to point with my lips, until I realized that it didn't look too attractive, haha!

I actually have an aunt named Tita Ling-ling... My grandma's name is actually Tata... 

And, I don't just have uncles and aunts named Boy/Girlie/Baby... My dad's nickname IS Boy! And... my mom... Baby! And it doesn't end there... My dad's sister was also nicknamed Baby and her husband, Boy! (GEEZ!)

To add on to that list, I must say that Batibot was MY SHOW growing up as a kid, while my older sister, Joanne, enjoyed Sesame Street!! Kiko Matsing and Pong Pagong were my make-believe playmates, while my sister’s were Big Bird and Cookie Monster! And when it came to shapes, my sister knew what a triangle, circle and square was, while I knew them as tatsulok, bilog and parisukat. 

Big Bird, and Cookie Monster were just not that interesting. Don’t know why but that was that! Maybe Big Bird was too yellow?! Too feathery?! I’m not really fond of birds come to think of it. In fact, later on, I hated Tweety Bird!

Oh, and if you ask me about Pinoy monsters, I can definitely name them and describe what they are, thanks to my yayas. How many of us Pinoy kids had yayas who told us monster stories – Tikbalang, Engkanto, Manananggal, Tsanak – no wonder Shake, Rattle and Roll! Movies became such big hits (aren’t we on the tenth sequel or something?!).

Growing up, I was also compared to child-star Matet… 

And – this I am proud about – guess where my seventh birthday party was?!?! No other place but JOLLIBEE!!!!! (You know the mascot - the fat, giant bee that Ronald McDonald can’t seem to beat - #1 Fast Food Chain in the WORLD is only #2 in the Philippines!!!!) I absolutely loved the YUM Burgers, Chicken Joys, Jolly Hotdogs… That Isa Pa! Isa Pa! Isa Pang Chicken Joy commercial is so damn true ‘cause I always wanted more Chicken Joys!

Too bad I don’t eat fast food so much nowadays… Stupid slow metabolism that can’t seem to burn fast food as quickly as when I was seven…

So yeah… I’m 100% Pinoy.. and proud! 

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